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Click To Talk
Any business owner or sales person's odds of closing the sale are exponentially increased if they have the chance to actually speak to the prospect.

With one click of their mouse and their telephone number, prospective customers are immediately connected you to on the phone.  When your phone rings, you'll know it is a realPING call by the unique 111-111-1111 Caller ID, letting you know a prospective customer wants information now.

You decide the when and where they can contact you, your office, cell or even answering service. 

Your Click To Talk Button can be deployed on any web page, email, blog, classified ad... Anywhere you on the Internet, realPING is there to immediately connect you with your prospective customers.

When the call is finished, you will be sent an email and a text message with details of the call (caller number, date, time and location of the caller).  These details are also logged so you can access your call history reports in the realPING Control Panel tools. top

Click To Text
Today many people prefer to use text messaging to interact and gather information instead of face to face or phone conversations.  realPING includes the ability to allow your prospective customers to contact you in that manner.  In fact, you can set your buttons to offer the choice between Talk or Text, making it more attractive to them to contact you in the manner they feel most comfortable.

Click To Text messages are also logged in the realPING Control Panel reporting tools. top

Page Push
Have you ever been on a call and needed to get online information to the caller, or have you tried to tell someone how to navigate to a specific web page (PDF or any other type of file or form)?  Those situations can be frustrating for both parties.  With realPING's unique Page Push feature, you just press a couple keys on your phone and the web page for file is immediately displayed on the caller's computer screen.

We call this 'Making the call Actionable'  Imagine taking the caller straight to your online order form or help file/users manual - even if you are on your cell phone and away from your computer.  Not only does this impress the prospect it ensures they positioned to complete the transaction then and there.  No more, I'll send you an email when I get back to the office lost opportunities.

Another unique realPING feature is our Text Message Page Push capability.  While on a realPING call, you simply press 55# on your phone.  This opens up a Text Me page on the caller's computer where they can send you a Text Message to your cell phone.  This feature is great when you are somewhere that you need an email address, phone number, account number, etc. from the caller but are not in a position to write down the information. 

In addition to 'pushing' pages located on other web site addresses, you can create custom pages within realPING and upload other files as part of the Page Push suite.  top

Developer API & DataLinks Integration
If you are a developer or owner of an application that would like to embed realPING, we have a robust HTTP/XML based API.  You choose how much you want to integrate from simple account creation/managment and button display to completely 'white labeling' the realPING control panel functionality into your own user tools.

Our easy to use DataLinks make fast work of integrating call data into remote systems (CRM, Lead Management, E-Commerce, etc).  Contact Us for more information.  top

Call Tracking*
If you advertise using multiple services and media types (online, print, radio, television, billboards, etc.), you already know how expensive that can become.  The challenge is to be able to measure your ROI for each advertising location to determine which are effective in generating new business and how much new business.  

Call Tracking lets you select local telephone numbers (from 1 to 100s) that you publish a unique number for each location.  Each number forwards any calls to the phone number you designate (office, cell, answering service).  Every call that is placed to one of your Call Tracking numbers is logged allowing you to review reports and measure where your marketing dollars are working and where they are not.   top

QR Codes (with a difference)
QR Codes are now almost a mandatory bit of digital information that is included in both online and offline advertising content.  The explosion of smart phones with QR Code readers and Internet connections demands you have QR Codes available.

But, you say 'I can create QR Codes for free at many websites'.   Yes you can, but the difference is that the realPING QR Codes include scan tracking allowing you to see where and when your codes were scanned (back to that all important ROI).  Additionally, you can create a wide range of QR Codes offering web pages, contact details, calendar events, telephone calls and Text Messaging.   And, it all part of the consolidated realPING Control Panel suite of tools.  top

ReachOut! Scripts
You can see a ReachOut! Script example on our home page.  ReachOut! Scripts are dynamic attention getting additions to web pages that create a 'Call to action' for the visitor to your website.  You can create a variety of script types choosing colors, text to be included and the size and direction that the scripts will appear from onto the web page.  The scripts are integrated with the realPING Click To Talk and Click To Text functions and include the standard controls of when they display and when and where you are contacted.   To add ReachOut! Scripts to web pages is a simple cut and paste of a single line of html code anywhere on the page.  You don't even need you webmaster to get involved. top

Control Panel
The realPING Control Panel provides a robust suite of easy to use tools to fully configure, customize and manage your account.  On average, most customers have their accounts fully set up and running with buttons on their web site and emails within 15-20 minutes.

There is a detailed Users Guide and we provide free email and toll-free phone customer support.  top

Available Hours & Missed Calls
With a few clicks of your mouse you choose when (days and hours) and where (primary or secondary phone number) you want your realPING calls to be connected.  When using our standard button code, the times you are not available, the button will not display on web pages.  When using other button display options, button clicks will display a Contact form capturing the details of the prospect.  Those details are emailed to you and are also archived in the Control Panel reports.  top

Custom Branding
The Control Panel includes tools to customize your account, selecting from a catalog of call buttons or you can upload your own custom buttons.  You can add your own photo and company logo and control what other details are displayed in the call window.

If you would like a custom call window masthead, email us a jpg image 570 pixels wide by 100 pixels high and we will add to your account at now charge.  top

Call Reports
Each call and text message orginated by realPING is logged with details of caller's number, location, date, time and duration of the call.  Additionally, each button can be identified with your own custom designation telling you exactly the location of the button.  This is part of the realPING focus on ROI for our customers, helping them best measure from where their leads and new business is being generated.

In addition to the logging of each call and message, you are sent an email and a text message with the call details. top

Exit Pages
At the end of each realPING call a custom page is displayed to caller.  You have the choice of a default thank you message, creating your own personalized message/page with full html formatting and images or you can designate a URL that you want to take the visitor's browser to.  Exit pages provides a powerful post-call tool to reinforce your product or service or promote other products and services to an obviously 'warm' prospect.  top

Email Signature Builder
The realPING Control Panel includes an editor tools that allows you to build an email signature with the realPING button code already embedded into the editor.  The editor provides the ability to create as simple or complex signature files to include custom fonts, colors, links and photos. top

* Call Tracking is an additional fee based on the quantity of phone number(s) and usage that exceeds 500 minutes per month per number.  Usage allowances are cumulative across all numbers, for example, 3 numbers gives you a total of 1500 minutes per month regardless of when number(s) are used.  As long as total minuted used across all numbers does not exceed the cumulative allowance, no additional fees will be charged.  top

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